Darlington Cycling Club
Teesside District Time Trialling Courses

Steve Fullerton
Photo courtesy cyclingimages.co.uk


Note: Please do not rely on these course description - changes may be made by the organiser prior to the event. Race Marshalls's will be on the route to indicate directions.

T102: Start at grating on east side of old A19, 40 yards north of post at gateway, approx 350yards south of Crathorne village. Proceed south to join A19 southbound. Continue to Cleveland Tontine Hotel (4.98 miles) and turn sharp left and left again (care) onto A172 Stokesley road, continuing over bridge to join A19 Northbound (5.704 miles). Proceed north on A19 to finish at 3rd grating from north end of lay-by on A19, approx 0.75 miles south of Crathorne/Picton Road Bridge over A19. (10.00 miles).

NOTE :- Riders are to remain on A19 after finish, coming off at A67 junction and retrace to headquarters area through Crathorne village.

T103/1: Start on south side of B1263 at drain cover 205 yards west of Corn Hill Farm Entrance and 11 yards west of Farm Lane, to Cowton Moor on north side. Proceed westwards via Atley Hill to Scorton village, keeping left to “GIVE WAY” sign, at southwest corner (4.83 miles). Taking a right, circle village green and retrace outward route, to pass start at a point opposite gatepost on north side of road and approx 30 yards west of lane to east Cowton where finish (10.00 miles).

T105: Start on A689 approx 400 yards East of Rushyford roundabout. Proceed Easrward via Bradbury (A1 Motorway) roundabout to Sedgefield West roundabout. Continue on Sedgefield By-Pass to Sedgefield East roundabout.(4.9 miles) Circum-navigate the roundabout to join A689 Westbound. Retrace along A689 to Sedgefield West round-about and then to Bradbury roundabout to FINISH at gateway on south side of A689 approx 140 yards West of start.(10 miles)

T105/1: Start at gateway to Bishopton Sailboard Centre. Proceed through Bishopton, continuing up hill and continue to Great Stainton tee junction. (2.8 miles) Turn left at junction and proceed towards Sadberge, taking 2nd lane on the left and continuing in a southerly direction to top of hill in Sadberge village, where left and then left again onto the C51. Continue along lane towards Norton and take 1st road on left at Whinney Hill (9.0 miles), before proceeding towards Bishopton to finish 100 yards before start. (10.0 miles)

T165: Start at the water hydrant 3/10, 100 yards south of the junction adjacent to 'Robins Castle' on the unclassified road from the centre of Woodland Village. Proceed north to the 'Robins Castle' junction and bear left onto single-track road towards Middleton and Eggleston. (CARE! and please see note 1). At the Y-junction with the B6282 (1 mile) bear left into Woodland, to climb through the village and straight on in front of the Edge Hotel (1.8 miles). Proceed along the unclassified road towards Toft Hill to turn left at T-junction with the B6282 Butterknowle/Toft Hill road (6.6 miles) towards Toft Hill, to turn left on to the A68 in front of the Sportsman pub (CARE! and please see note 2) (7.6 miles). Proceed north, down hill on the A68 to bear left at the junction with unclassified road to Hamsterley, just before the bridge over the river Wear, sign posted 'Hamsterley Forest' (9.2 miles). Climb up the bank into Hamsterley Village, to continue through the village and then along the southern edge of Hamsterley Forest towards Woodland to the finish at the signpost showing 'Right Hand Junction Ahead', on the brow of the rise 50 yards before the Robins Castle junction (16 miles).

T181: Start at lay-by, near brow of hill, approx 0.5 miles west of Swainby on A172. Proceed west to Cleveland Tontine, (2miles) to join A19 southbound, to take A684 exit at top of Clack Bank, (3miles) sign-posted “Northallerton”. Continue towards Northallerton till on reaching Brompton, (9miles) take left onto minor road, sign-posted “Kirby Sigston”. Continue through Kirby Sigston towards Jeator Houses, (12.7 miles) where join A19 northbound to Cleveland Tontine (15.2 miles). Retrace along A172 towards Swainby to finish local to start. (17.2 miles)

T211: Start on Stokesley - Hutton Rudby Rd at lay-by, approx 200 yards East of Seamer Rd. Proceed to Hutton Rudby, keeping left at the bottom of Skutterskelfe Bank (M). At the top of Hutton Rudby Bank, in the village bear left (M) and then take 3rd road on the left (signposted Potto)(M). At "Preston of Potto" Transport Yard, (M) turn left and continueto junction with A172, where bear left (M) to proceed to Stokesley roundabout. (M's). Taking 4th exit, continue to Great Broughton, where turning left at crossroads in the village (M) continue onto Ingleby Greenhow. Turning right (with care) at T-junction (M), proceed through Battersby to Kildale Junction (M), keeping left through Easby to join A173 Stokesley/Great Ayton Road. Turning left (M) at A173 finish at bridge over stream.

T235: Start at gateway to Bishopton Sailboard Centre. Proceed through Bishopton, continuing up hill and continue to Great Stainton tee junction. (2.8 miles) Turn left at junction and proceed towards Sadberge, taking 2nd lane on the left and continuing in a southerly direction to top of hill in Sadberge village, where left and then left again onto the C51. Continue along lane towards Norton and take 2nd road junction on the left, signposted Redmarshall (10.4 miles). Proceed to Redmarshall village and turn left at crossroads, sign posted Bishopton. Repeat 1st lap via Stainton and Sadberge Village to continue along C51, to turn 1st left onto road signposted Bishopton. Proceed towards Bishopton to finish at entrance to Stoney Flat Farm, approx 300 yards before start area. (23.0 miles)

T244: Start on B6279, 3yards before the Staindrop sign and proceed in an easterly direction towards Darlington, taking care at “Spinford Bridge”, to turn left onto the unclassified road, sign posted Hilton 1ml, Wackerfield 2ml. Immediately before Ingleton village (2.3 miles). Continue up hill, past Hilton and Wackerfield to turn left onto A688, Barnard Castle Road (4.15 miles). Follow the road down Keverstone Bank and past Raby Castle into Staindrop, to turn left in front of school onto unclassified road, signposted South Cleatlam 1.5ml, Little Newsham 2ml, Whorlton 4ml. (7.15 miles) Proceed through South Cleatlam and Little Nesham, to bear right towards Whorlton. At top of bank (9.35 miles) turn left onto the A67 towards Darlington (10.4 miles). Follow the A67 past Winston and through Gainford to bear left onto the sliproad for the B6275 “Royal Oak” at Piercebridge. (17.35 miles). Give way and turn left onto the B6275 towards “Denton/Summerhouses” crossroads, to turn left onto B6279 towards Staindrop. (19.35 miles) Heading in a westerly direction, pass through Ingleton, past the first turn (22.1 miles), to finish 3 yards beyond the grate opposite the Staindrop village sign. (24.4 miles)

T252: Start opposite gateway to field on Black Swan – Hutton Rudby lane, approx 150 yards East of Black Swan. Proceed towards A19, where left onto southbound carraigeway of A19, to continue in southerly direction to South Kilvington. (12.0 miles) Bear left off A19 to roundabout, taking the third exit to join A19 northbound (12.68 miles). Continue on A19 northbound to finish at gateway approx 0.25miles south of Picton Lane Ends. (25.0 miles)

T252/3: Start at de-restriction sign at south end of Crathorne on old A19 (5 yards south of farm entrance) and proceed onto A19 southbound. Continue on A19 to bear left off A19 signed Knayton ¼ ml, Borrowby 1¼ ml, (12.16 miles) Proceed up slip road to turn left over bridge crossing A19, to crossroads, where left to rejoin A19 northbound. Continue northwards to finish at end of footpath, just prior to bridge over A19 (Crathorne/Rounton Road) (25.00 miles)

T253/1: Start in lane north from East Cowton at northernmost gatepost of two field gates. Proceed northwards to join B1236 (0.735 miles) where left via Atley Hill and through Scorton to junction with B6271 south west of village (6.084 miles). Turn left on B6271 and via Bolton-on-Swale, Great Langton and Yafforth to Traffic Island at junction with A167 at Northallerton (15.696 miles). Turn left onto A167 and northwards via Great Smeaton and Lower Entercommon (24.159 miles), where left onto B1263 to a point 10 yards east of entrance to Cawton Fields Farm where Finish 25.000 miles.

T253/1R: Start: On B1236, at manhole in verge approx 0.3miles west of Raby Lane (to East Cowton) continue on B1236 via Atley Hill, through Scorton, to junction with B6271 (Southwest of Scorton village) (marshall). Turn left onto B6271, and proceed via Bolton on Swale, Great Langton and Yafforth to turn left shortly after Railway Bridge, onto Standard Way.(marshall) Proceed through industrial estate to  T junction with A167.(marshall) Turn left and proceed northwards on A167 via Great Smeaton and Low Entercommon, where left onto B1236.(marshall) At Raby Lane turn left (marshall) and proceed to finish north of East Cowton village at stone gatepost, approx 0.4miles from B1236. Distance 25 miles.

T254: Start on A6136 approx 0.5 miles South of Catterick Village at "BUS ONLY" sign, 2yards north of clearway sign. Proceed South on A1 to junction with B6267(approx 11.7 miles), where bear left and left again, under WITH GREAT CARE (adverse camber) under A1, where left to join Northbound A1carraige-way.(12.47miles) Continue north to Catterick By-Pass, continuing on By-Pass for approx 0.8miles to FINISH at blue parking sign in first lay-by.(25.00 miles) IMPORTANT NOTE :- Riders MUST NOT dismount on the A1 after finish, but should proceed to finish area/Headquarters via Catterick North Sliproad (approx 1.5 miles after finish), signposted Catterick Village.

T255: Start local to Bishopton and proceed east along unclassifed road, passing Redmarshall and continuing onto Carlton Village. Through village to the junction at east end of village, where turn left onto unclassified road, signposted Thorpe Thewles. Taking care on the sharp corners and the descents, proceed to Thorpe Thewles, taking left at T junction at top of rise and continue through village in a northerly direction to join the northbound A177. Passing through Thorpe Larches, (single carraigeway) to the roundabout at Sedgefield, take the 1st exit at roundabout and travel along Sedgefield by-pass (A689) to next roundabout, where continue straight on. Proceed on the A689, taking a left turn at 1st junction on left, onto unclassified road, (signposted Sadberge), immediately after the BP garage, approx 200yards before the Bradbury interchange. Proceed in a southerly direction on this road, passing through the villages of Mordon and Great Smeaton, before taking the left turn, sign posted Sadberge. Continuing in a southerly direction to top of hill in Sadberge village, where left and then left again onto the C51. Continue along lane towards Norton and take 1st road on left at Whinney Hill, before proceeding towards Bishopton to finish at Sailboard entrance approx 200 yards before T-junction with Bishopton/Redmarshall road. (approx 25 miles)

T272: Start at grate outside Post House Hotel on A1044, proceed EAST toroundabout, taking 1ST exit to join Westbound carraigeway of Parkway. Proceed WEST to take sliproad to join A19 SOUTHBOUND. Continue on A19 to Tontine Hotel/corner, (11.14 miles) turn sharp LEFT to junction with A172. At junction, turn RIGHT (with care) and follow A172 past Swainby to the Stokesley Baths roundabout, (19.45 miles). Take 2nd exit and continue to Strikes roundabout, taking 2nd exit to Tanton Bridge (taking care) to Hemlington roundabout, (24.12 miles). Turn LEFT and continue to Finish approx 150 yards prior to roundabout near start, (25.7 miles).

T405: Start in Harmire Road 20 yards beyond the Red Well pub and proceed north from Barnard Castle on the B6278 towards Eggleston. Climb over Folly Top to turn right with care at the bottom of Folly Bank (5.05 miles) to stay on the B6278 to Stanhope. Through Eggleston and over Bollihope Common, care must be taken on the S-bend below the turning to Frosterly (13.04 miles) and on the S-bends descending Unthank Bank. Cross over the bridge and into Stanhope to the junction with the A689 (16.85 miles). Bear left up Weardale towards Alston to turn left onto the unclassified road to Horsley (19.06 miles). Over the Bridge and left at the T-junction (19.36 miles) to proceed past Horsley Hall to the junction with the B6278 (21.39 miles). Straight across with care to retrace back to Unthank Bank, the timed Accent starts at the Railway Crossing (21.82 miles). Return over Bollihope Common and through Eggleston to turn left at the bottom of Folly Bank (32.90 miles). Over Folly Top to descend into Barnard Castle to finish at telegraph pole 37 outside Glaxo, 200 yards past start and just before the turning into the Sports Centre (38.50 miles).

T502/2: THIS IS THE NATIONAL 50 CHAMPIONSHIP COURSE Start on A67, approx 200yards south of Kirklevington name sign. Proceed south on A67 over Crathorne north flyover, following road left after bridge to join A19 southbound carraigeway. Continue south on A19, passing Tontine hotel (6.7 miles), Thirsk By-Pass to join A168 to Dishforth (24.8 miles) Bear left off A168, turning right at 1st round -about, right at next traffic island and continuing straight on at the third traffic island, to join A168 northbound. (25.7 miles) Continue North, retracing 0utward leg via A168/A19, to bear left at A67, (49.2 miles) to finish at “Reduce Speed” sign, some 30 yards north of Start point. (50 miles)

TMT2: Start on A684, 40yards west of Carlton Lane End road junction (approx 2 miles west of Leyburn). Continue west on A684 through West Witton and Aysgarth (6miles) to Bainbridge. At west end of village, turn right at junction (10.8 miles), in 60yards bear left towards Askrigg. After 600yards turn right at junction (Yorebridge). Continue through Askrigg, Carperby and Redmire (19.5 miles) to finish at field gate (22miles) near bus stop at Wensley Station approx 1mile west of Wensley Village.


THC 4: Carlton Bank, Stokesley 1.4 miles

THC5: Greets Moss, Grinton, Reeth 2.3 miles

THC6: Featham Hill, Low Row, Swaledale 1086 yards

THC7: Buttertubs, Thwaite, Swaledale 2.17 miles

THC8: Silver Hill, Keld 1.2 miles

THC10: The Stang Hill, Barnard Castle 1.0 miles