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DCC 10 mile Time Trial Series 2018: course T103, Wednesday evenings from 18th April to 15th August, 6:45pm start.

Entry fee is £3.00 on the day. Meet at the North end of Raby Lane at the Tee junction with the B1263, about 2 miles west of the main A167 Northallerton/Croft road, directly north of East Cowton. The route is from here to Scorton and return. For further information contact Geoff Watson on 01325 358 431 or check the DCC fb forum.


The rules for the Wednesday Club 10 Series Handicap are as follows:
Base time for each rider is their best time on this course in this event in the current or previous season.

Previous best time can only be set when riding as first claim member.

Where no previous time exists, use 0:00 as the base time.

The ride time is deducted from the base time and the rider who has improved the most or gone back the least is given maximum points.

When riders have equal differences between their base time and ride time, the oldest rider will get the most points.

If rider improves their base time use that as the new base time.

The maximum points depends on the number of DCC entries, i.e, 5 riders = 5 points or 10 riders = 10 points.

Minimum points awarded to winner to be 5 i.e if less than 5 club riders on the night.

6 best points to count( 5 in 2017 due to reduced number of races) in the event of a tie 7th best points to be decider, if still tied 8th etc. etc. If can't be split on this method, age to decide; with oldest rider winning between the tied racers.

Require minimum 6 rides to qualify for prizes. (5 rides in 2017 due to reduced number of races)

Only the club 10 series to count, no open races to count.

The rider with the most points at the end of the season is the winner of the Hole in the Wall trophy.

2018 Club Championships:

10mile TT: 02:00pm, Saturday, 2nd June 2018, Course T104, VTTA

25mile TT: 09:00am, Sunday, 15th July 2018, Course T254, Darlington CC

50mile TT: 07:00am, Sunday, 12th August 2018, Course T502, Hartlepool CC

100 mile TT – Any 100mile TT in the country

Hill Climb: 10:00am, Sunday 30th September 2018, Course THC32, Cleveland Wheelers

2017 Club Championships:

3rd June - 10 mile TT – VTTA (North), T104, 1400hrs

9th July - 25 mile TT – Darlington CC, T254, 0900hrs, G Watson

13th August - 50 mile TT – Darlington CC / VTTA, T502, 0900hrs, D Bennett

100 mile TT – Any 100mile TT in the country

8th October - Hill Climb - 10.3 mile Sporting Course THC30, Reeth to Tan Hill, SWCC event, 09:00hrs start. Entries close 29th September. Contact J Conlin, 07880 984 950.

25th November - Club CX Championship event:

Event Name: North East Cyclocross League (NECCL) - Event 6

Organising Body/Club: NECCL

Location/Circuit: Hardwick Park, Sedgefield, Co Durham. TS21 2DA

Event Details: Race Distance Various-time based racing max 1 hour for seniors Seniors/Vets/Ladies/Juniors 13.30pm

Event HQ: Hardwick Park, Sedgefield, Co Durham. TS21 2DA

Entry Fees: Entry On The Day Seniors/Vet/Junior/Ladies £7.00 Non TLI Members £13.00


2016 Club Championships:

2016 DCC 10 series handicap final points:
1st Colin Chandler 16, 10 rides Winner on countback, 7th best ride =2pt
2nd Brian Lambert 16, 7 rides Runner up on countback, 7th best ride =1pt
3rd Carl Lovell 15, 4 rides
4th Tony McCullagh 14, 7 rides
5th Peter Camp 7, 2 rides
6th Daniel Hogg 7, 3 rides
7th John Lynas 5, 2 rides
8th Tony Kendall 5, 2 rides
9th David McCartney 4, 3 rides
10th Dave Benett 3, 1 ride
11th Steve Fullerton 3, 1 ride
12th Mike Drake 2, 1 ride
13th Jo Short 1, 1 ride

18th June - 10 mile TT – Hartlepool CC - course T102/1, A19

Steve Fullerton 21:16
Dan Hogg 23:50
Colin Chandler 27:33

10th July - 100 mile TT – Stockton Wheelers - course T1002/1. RTCC National Championship event.

Steve Fullerton 3:58:50, 25.12mph

17th July - 25 mile TT Handicap – Cleveland Couriers - Course T252/3 (Incorporating Teesside District Championship)

Steve Fullerton 54:04, 27.74mph
Dave Bennett 1:07:22, 22.27mph

28th August – 50 mile TT – Darlington CC - course T502

2nd October - Hill Climb – Cleveland Wheelers - Clay Bank - THC32

2015 DCC 10 series handicap final scores:
1st Mike Drake 17
2nd Brian Lambert 14
3rd Geoff Watson 14
Terry Mears 10
Dave Bennett 10
Nicola Moger 7
Simon Ratcliffe 7
Robert Brown 5
Daniel Hogg 3

Brian finishes 2nd ahead of Geoff 3rd, due to tiebreaker in situation where points tied age to decide; with oldest rider winning between the tied racers.

2015 Club Championships:

20th June - 10 mile TT – Course T102

16th May - 25 mile TT Handicap – Course T254
Steven Fullerton 00:56:45
Simon Ratcliffe 01:03:35
David Bennett 01:04:27
Mike Drake 01:04:31

29th August – 50 mile TT – T502

100 mile TT – any in the Teesside, Northumbria or Yorkshire area

4th October - Hill Climb – THC32

DCC’s Open events: (organised by DCC and open to anybody from a CTT affiliated club). Note that none of the DCC events are on dual carriageways.

9th April – 2up 10 mile TT – T103

24th July - 10 mile TT - T104

14th August – 25 mile TT – T254

28th August – 50 mile TT – T502

The CTT web site has full details of all time trial events.

Course descriptions are available, click here

Entry and other forms can be downloaded from the CTT site - AboutCTT/Rider Info/Forms

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