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Greenwich to Paris

PHOTOS 2005 Mike & Nick - Greenwich to Paris
Mike and Nick rode from Greenwich to Paris in 2005 (277miles and 300 riders) and raised money for the British Legion mike_nick_paris_2005
The British Legion is highly regarded in France and it was considered an honour by villages en' route to host a stop and all the villagers would get involved and cater for us, this sometimes meant diverting the route slightly to accommodate them.
Riding up the Champs-Elysees.
The road only gets closed to traffic twice a year, the Tour de France and the "Pedal to Paris" ride, again a reflection of the recognition France gives to the British Legion.
This chap was 80 years old, a truly remarkable feat to have cycled the whole route, we were in awe of him. Paris_oldbloke
At the end of the day or in the morning before we started, there would be a ceremony which was very moving, with the local mayor and war veterans. paris_medals

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