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Darlington Cycling Club


Before you apply for membership, we ask that you join us on some club runs, this gives you the opportunity to meet club members and decide if Darlington CC is the club for you. You'll also need two members to propose and second you. Under 18's must complete the PARENTAL CONSENT form attached to the Membership form.

If you decide to join, submit a completed MEMBERSHIP form at one of the monthly club meetings with a membership fee of £10 (£5 for under 18's) and either proof of 3rd party insurance, or a £24 fee to cover affiliated membership of Cycling UK, which covers your 3rd party insurance.

Note: 3rd party insurance cover is a mandatory requirement of membership and is available through Cycling UK, (formerly the CTC), or British Cycling. As mentioned above, affiliated membership of Cycling UK, including 3rd party insurance, is available for £24 per annum, payable with your annual subscription.