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Darlington Tri Club

Bike Security: Register your bike on this site and if it's stolen and subsequently recovered by the police, they can return it to you quickly.

How to Prevent your Bike from being Stolen: This guide offers very useful tips and advice on keeping one's bicycle safe from theft both at home and in parks and other public spaces.

Do it by Bicycle: A new website supported by local councils aimed at increasing awareness of cycling and providing guidance on fundamental bike skills. There are sections on Training, Maintenence, Safety, Commuting, Schools, local routes and a comprehensive Links page.

Pinch-flat website and blog:

You can read more about me and how I started my story of Pinch-Flat here. My goal is to bring honest, genuine, actionable cycling advice to as many people as possible. I cover all sorts of topics including some of the below:

> Bicycle travel destinations.

> Nutrition advice to cycle for longer.

> Weight training information to get faster.

> Gear advice for the goals you have.

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