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Darlington Cycling Club - Club Runs

Club runs provide an opportunity to ride in a group with the benefits of drafting, camaraderie and the occasional bout of sarcasm! The pace is governed by those present, although the group may split during the course of a ride.

Safety is paramount; if you're not used to riding in a group, please read the page on Etiquette. Stay at the back of the group until you're confident that you can ride alongside other riders. Don't overlap wheels with the rider in front, and don't weave about!

The Sunday club run covers anything from 50 to 100 miles, but generally in the region of 60 to 75 miles during the summer months, and shorter distances as the weather worsens. The route is chosen on the day and depends on weather, wind direction and who's there. A café stop is 'mandatory' and provides an opportunity to re-fuel and recover. This is a steady ride and a good introduction for anyone just starting out and wanting to increase their mileage.

The 9:00am Saturday ride is no longer controlled by DCC. It is traditionally a faster affair, following a route through Cleasby, Manfield, Eppleby, Caldwell and Whorlton to Barnard Castle for a café stop. The return leg follows the same route to Caldwell, then to Aldbrough St. John, Barton and back into Darlington around 12:00. This ride attracts riders from other clubs who use the opportunity to catch up with gossip, and maybe launch an attack on Whorlton Bank.

If there's a risk of ice, the group will head up the main road through Piercebridge/Gainford/Winston or Ingleton/Staindrop, and may return via Folly Top to make up lost miles!

On Tuesdays and Thursdays the 'vets' meet up at 9:30am all year round for a 40-75 mile ride. This is a social ride, the group will wait for the slowest rider. Take note of "knock a mile off"!

In the summer a faster group leaves at 6:00pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays from Blackwell for 30 to 40 miles.

When and where?

All rides leave from the Blackwell Post Office.

Sunday, 9:00am, steady ride. Contact Steve Fullerton - 07527 671 781. A second ride may leave at the same time depending on the make-up of the group.

9:30am Tuesday and Thursday. Steady ride, with a second group leaving at the same time depending on the make-up of the group.

6:00pm Tuesday and Thursday during the summer, 30+ miles, 18+ mph.

9:00am Saturday. Barnard Castle with a café stop. Note that this is not a DCC Club Run. Can be fast depending on the weather and who's riding.

9:30am Saturday. Entry level ride, 15-20 miles with cafe stop. Accompanied by experienced riders, no-one if left behind. Call Miff on 01325 257109 for more info.

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